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2 months ago
My boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to get a reading while in the neighborhood and I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience. I was nervous entering Bella’a space, but her warm presence allowed for me to become comfortable quickly. Her reading was so accurate and I really appreciate her eagerness to answer any questions and/or provide guidance on how to handle/cope with certain situations. I will definitely be back and recommend her services to everyone 🤍.
- Geordyn A
5 months ago
I went to see Bella based upon her great reviews. She is truly a sweet, and empathetic woman. We shared similar unfortunate health stories with our Mothers which helped me to connect with her on a deeper level. My tarot card reading was not exactly what I wanted to see or hear it was kind of scary the cards that were pulled, but it was likely what I needed to hear for clarity and guidance..and I really did appreciate her gentle approach and honestly to the problems I’ve been facing.
- Lana H
3 months ago
Amazing experience. Bella was very kind, helpful and assuring. She perfectly read me like a book and gave me an experience I will never forget. Can’t recommend enough!
- Chip W

About Bella

I am a naturally gifted psychic spiritualist with over 17 years professional experience. I am the ninth generation in my family with this amazing gift. I remember discovering my abilities around the age of 7.

When my gifts started developing I was freaked out! I started experiences different feelings, thoughts, emotions, and energies. I started seeing different colors around people and I thought I was going crazy, but at such a young age I remember thinking that it was something extraterrestrial! I was scared and afraid to really tell anyone what I was going through but I knew I had to tell someone who wouldn’t think I was insane. So I went to my grandmother. I knew she was someone who would listen and understand and would never pass judgment.

My Grandmother is a well known psychic and Native American Indian healer in the Midwest. Growing up I would love looking at all of her crystal balls, stones, cards, artifacts, and candles. At the time I didn’t know what it was all for or really why she had all of them, the only thing I knew was that she told me she uses these things to help people. When I would look for more information she would tell me, “In time you will understand.” Little did I know that my understanding would mean I would undergo a complete spiritual transformation.

It was the summer of 1993; we would always go stay with my grandmother every summer. But this summer was one I will never forget. I walked into the kitchen, it was like stepping into the 1970's (and still is). My grandmother was cutting fruit at the counter, she looked up and smiled at me. “Mimi”, I asked, “what are you doing?” She said she was making tea and asked if I would like some, I nodded. My grandmother made two cups of tea and placed them on a golden oval coffee. The living room was decorated with gold foil wallpaper, red velvet French provincial furniture, shag carpeting and a large crystal chandler. We sat together on the sofa, I remember sitting quietly and thinking whether or not I should tell her. I just sat there watching the slices of strawberries and peaches dance around in this pretty cup of tea. I got lost in it for a moment, and then I felt my grandmother’s hand on my knee and heard her call my name. I looked up from my cup and there she was smiling at me, “What colors do you see?” she asked. I got nervous and simply said “huh?” my grandmother laughed and said “it’s okay, what colors do you see?” 

I remember telling her the colors that danced around her, about all of the different energies I was feeling and asking why? Was this normal? Is this something everyone went through or experienced? Will it go away?
My grandmother reassured me that it was okay and perfectly normal for us to go through these changes. She told me that I had a golden veil when I was born, she explained that this was what allowed us to see more than just what meets the eye, and it gives us a spiritual sight as well. My grandmother told me about when she was little and first discovered her gift and said my mom also had this gift. I knew my mom had cards and a few small thing but nothing near like my grandmother. She also told me that everyone has some type of gift, we are all blessed in one way or another. Some people embrace their gifts, while other are afraid of being different and repress their gifts, hide them and lock them away from the world and it is my choice what I do with mine.

At this point I had a lot to think about, and you are probably thinking this is a ton of information to process for such a little girl and it was, but my grandmother somehow made it easy for me to understand at that moment. It was so nice feeling her comfort and knowing that I wasn’t crazy. We spent the rest of the evening cuddled on the sofa while she shared different stories from her experiences as a girl.

After discovering my abilities were developing my mom became more open with me about her gifts, she had kept her gifts and abilities more to herself because she wanted me to make my own decisions and didn't want to make me feel forced into anything I didn't feel comfortable with. I knew my mom would meet with lots of different people but just assumed they were her friends. Come to find out my mom was also an established psychic clairvoyant. 

She would meet with her clients with a small room in our finished basement, it was a cozy little room with peach colored walls with a sky blue and pink boarder with angels near the ceiling. My mom had a small silver and glass coffee table, atop was different crystals, clear quartz, amethyst, and tigers eye. She had a beautiful deck of angel cards, a small singing bowl and a silver wand adorn with crystals and a jade green leather ribbon. My mom always kept fresh flowers on a small wooden desk along with statues of Saint Jude, Saint Anne, Jesus and a large ornate candle with a gold leaf cross and red jeweled pins.

At 10 I remember being in that little room and playing with my mom’s cards, I would mix them up and flip them over one by one touching each card to feel the different energy each on possessed. I felt peace in this space and it was where I would spend my time after my school work was done and on rainy weekends when mom didn't have clients.

Growing up my childhood was normal by most standards growing up in the ‘90s. I went to school, played outside, went on family vacations, had family movie nights and game nights. But we also did spiritual events and expos, did different readings, holistic and metaphysical healing, we celebrated the different Saints, phases of the moon and welcome each season in our own special ways.

While my mom and grandmother would participate in different events and expos I wouldn't do readings, but just observe. I would walk around to the different booths of readers, healer, and vendors. I loved looking at all of the different books, cards, crystals, singing bowls, pendulums, and all kinds of artifacts. I would ask what this is, what is that, what does this do, what do you use this for? I would ask so many questions I was afraid I would get some people upset, but everyone was always so welcoming and willing to educate a young and developing mind.

 I remember meeting so many different kinds of readers. Both men and women some read tarot cards, palms, crystal balls, rune stones, pictures, handwriting, personal objects. Some did horoscope charts, reiki healing, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, aura pictures, there were even people who would draw your aura, spirit animals, and even your spirit guides and angels. And many of them would do mini readings for me or do a drawing for me, everyone was so caring.

It was during this time I started to explore different tools and methods for readings and healing. I would ask people what made them choose what they do, and everyone had their own individual stories and journeys but it all really came down to the same thing, they let their gifts and abilities lead them to what felt right. Everyone would tell me don’t try to push it or rush anything, when the time is right I will just know. And so I followed that advice, I would explore my mom’s cards and singing bowls, when I would visit my grandmother I would play around with all of the different tools she had. And I began to find myself more and more drawn to tarot cards.

For my 12th birthday my grandmother gave me my first deck of tarot cards, they were so beautiful with vibrant colors and almost a Tim Burton style of artwork, I loved them! This is also when my grandmother told me I would be traveling with her that summer to different events and to see if I wanted to do readings alongside her. I remember being so excited and couldn't wait, six weeks with just my grandparents traveling the Midwest and meeting all kinds of people. 

I remember my first reading, it was in Lenexa Kansas at a psychic and metaphysical expo. A girl walked up to our table with her mom and little brother, she was about my age 12 or 13. She asked her mom if she could get a reading, her mom smiled and nodded like of course that is what we are here for. At this time my grandmother was doing a reading with an older lady at the back table in our booth. I told the lady that if they wouldn't mind waiting my grandmother would only be a little bit, then something I didn't intend to say just came out, “or if you don’t mind I can read for you.” The girl looked up at her mother with a look as if asking if it was okay, her mom shrugged her shoulders and said “it’s up to you.” And so we both sat down at the front of the booth, I was nervous at first, I had never read for a perfect stranger before. But once I got the cards placed down it just felt so easy and just right.

That summer I had so many new and exciting experiences, and it just made me want to explore and fine tune my abilities more than ever before. So I would try to get my hands on any kind of books about psychic powers, crystals, holistic healing, the power of manifestation, auras, chakras, reiki, herbs, sorcery, spells and anything in between. My desk had my school work and notebooks on one side and books that I borrowed from the library and a pile of notes all on all things metaphysical. I would spend most of my free time researching and trying to find what excited me.

Stepping into my teenage years I began to notice that I was becoming very sensitive to everyone I would come in contact with. I would become overwhelmed by emotions, thoughts and feelings but not my own. I could go from super happy and upbeat to extremely sad or very angry in a split second. This brought on a whole new set of questions, was I having mental health issues? Was this more development? Did I do something wrong, like over load on too much spiritual information? 

This meant I had to talk to my grandmother, but she was away at a spiritual retreat and was unreachable for a week, so I went to talk to my mom. We sat at our huge glass dining table while my mom was having a cup of coffee. We made small talk while my mom sipped her coffee from her gold rimmed mug, “How is school?” she asked. I replied with a simple fine. “What’s bothering you? I know you’re worried, maybe I can help.” she said while placing her mug down and looking right into my eyes. My mom always had a way of knowing when something wasn't right, I don’t know if it was because of her spiritual gifts or if it was just a motherly instinct but she wasn't wrong.

I started to tell my mom what was going on while making sure to let her know that everything at school and my friends were perfect. I didn't want her to misunderstand the situation, I felt at times that maybe I wouldn't come across clearly. As I explained everything and my concerns she placed her hand on top of mine and smiled, “You’re an empath” she said. I just looked at her with one eyebrow lifted, and then she explained that an empath is someone who can tap into people’s energies and vibrations and explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions to help people better understand certain situations in their lives. 

But some people believe that this is something more paranormal, and this was something that I hadn't explored yet. My mom taught me that I have to learn to control this ability and to be able to turn it on and off as needed. She helped me to start meditating and fasting to be able to hone in on this new gift. And as I learned to control and fine tune my abilities I also started to read about angels, spirits and dream interpretation.

At 16 I had been doing casual readings for a few years and had gained hold of my gifts and I felt I had found what suits me best and what I felt comfortable with. But I wanted more, I wanted more experiences, I wanted to put my gifts to a good use. I wanted to help people like I had seen my mom and grandmother do. I truly felt passionate about this. So after much discussion my mom decided to let me start taking on clientele, as long as it didn't interfere with my school work. I agreed and I was so happy, I felt like this was my chance to really help people on their journey through life. It felt nice working with my mom, it was a whole new bonding experience.

By the time I turned 18 and completed high school I knew that what I wanted to dedicate my life to and pursue as my career couldn't be studied at any college, I could take courses through the mail or online but I felt I needed life experience. So it was time to hit the road, travel the country, meet new people from new places and help them gain peace, understanding and balance in their lives while I explore my life path.

I spent the next 6 years traveling, I would follow my gut from one place to the next. I would stay for a year or so, and in that time I had met so many people from all different races, religions, backgrounds, and all walks of life. I have been blessed to be able to have helped so many people find love and keep love, find peace, understanding and acceptance in their personal situations. I am thankful for helping guide the lost souls back to a well lit path, and helping people overcome the obstacles that were standing in there way. 
I thank each and every person for allowing me to help them through their journey of spiritual enlightenment. I never look at my clients as just clients but they are my friends. And even though I have helped so many over those years I still wanted to continue helping even more people from even more walks of life.

At 23 I packed up and set my sights on the bright lights of New York City! I moved to a nice little neighborhood of the Midwood section of Brooklyn. I lived in different areas of Brooklyn and have met way more people in my time here then I could have imagined. New York has taught me so much and helped me grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, personally and physically. It was here I chose to specialize in love and relationships. Love is something I think everyone deserves, whether it be self love, physical or any aspect in between.
So here I am now, continuing my journey and looking to help others along theirs. 

Through my years I have become an honest, caring, and accurate reader. I never sugarcoat my readings and I will never give false hope. If I have learned anything over my time it is that sugarcoating and telling people what they want to hear because you’re afraid of how they might react only does more harm than good.

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